During my last stint with malaria and typhoid (no more white house for me) I was watching a movie, it’s called, mums night out. Its an American Christian based comedy film described by rotten tomatoes as cheap-looking, unfunny and kind of sexist to boot, a disappointment from start to finish. I totally agree. Rotten tomatoes couldn’t have been more right! The weird thing about me is, I always finish a movie no matter how dead it is. And unbelievably, this dead movie had a surprise for me at the end. A lesson I already know, we already know, but just need a reminder on.

We tell ourselves we are failures. We make plans to be better, to do better. Hey it’s 2018, it’s gonna be better. But we are already failing. We feel like we are not enough. For our parents, for God, for our friends. We feel like pretenders like nobody knows us and this facade will fall off and people will see us for the fakes we really are. We try so hard, we are just not enough. But do you know who you are not enough for? You. You are not enough for you. We beat ourselves up, we spend 80% of our lives being negative, telling ourselves negative stuff. Jesus, it’s exhausting!

“He can’t love me enough. I don’t deserve her. I’m going to die on this deadbeat job. I cannot afford that. I don’t know why this high and mighty person is my friend, can’t he see I’m trailer-park dirt?? He’s going to leave me. She’s going to break up with me. This relationship cannot work out. This life isn’t just meant for me. I’m always gonna be average.”

By who’s standards??!! An eagle soars in the air because that was what it was created to do. Why don’t you do what you were created to do? Be you. Be who He made you. He did not make a mistake giving you the life you live. He didn’t make a mistake not making you the son Dangote never had. Or being the extra otedola’s daughter. He didn’t make a mistake not giving you the mother or father you think would have loved you better. He is intentional. And he will take care of the rest.

Your life doesn’t need to change for you to be happy. Happiness should be exactly where you are, not where you want to be. You are not a failure, you are where God wants you to be and he has given you everything you need to be happy, you just need to open your eyes. You are not perfect, you were not created to be perfect don’t you see? Jesus made that clear to us! We are all a mess, a beautiful mess, we’re his masterpiece. Bask in that knowledge!

And if at first, you don’t succeed, sit own, have some chocolate, then try again.

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