I won’t fall in love, I said

I won’t like no one!

I won’t feel so soft, I claimed.

Never again. I vowed.

Days along the line,

I prayed.

For God to be nice,

And help me be strong.

But that was my vice,

My strength.

I forgot the pain,


I stopped believing

But I looked East.

And I saw it.

The One.

I denied it.

The Pull.

But it was meant to be.

Falling, helpless,

I let it in, I let it breathe.

I accepted it, I gave in.

The words, changed.

My will, dissolved.

I’ll never leave you, I said

I’ll always love you. I vowed.

You have conquered my heart.

I vowed.

I’ve let go of the past,

I claimed.

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