I made up my mind to be cold and cynic. To have mercy for those who deserve it and cast aside who I do not care for. A famous person dies and everybody goes oooohh and aaahhhhh but who cares when a mechanic loses his wife in labor due to the negligence of a doctor who never went to school in a local hospital that shouldn’t be open? Who goes wow when some girls are kidnapped in a crisis torn state or when innocent people get into clashes in Ketu? Who goes what the eff when another place, home, family is ripped apart in one northern country? No one!

So I will not feel sorry for them more than I would if they decide to be all over the news with their tragedy and some other people are not deemed news worthy. They are just another people on the surface of the earth who just lost someone same way we have all been losing people close to us. May the souls of the departed rest in perfect peace. Amen.

I am not harsh am I? Am I…?

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