He loves Vanessa, but Vanessa has a boyfriend, who loves her so much, and can buy her a house in the Bahamas. Vanessa loves her boyfriend because he will give her the life she ever dreamt. She is not proud of him, she is not inspired by him, and nothing about him turns her on or drives her crazy. Vanessa is, however, a smart girl, so she decided to be the perfect and dutiful girlfriend and just wait for the ring to come, it will come. She doesn’t show him off on social media, they don’t follow each other on social media,. She keeps everything under wraps, just like her lies. Her husband-to-be does not know she smokes or drinks or parties till daybreak or has a side dish…Who loves her very much. And she also loves. But Bryan, the side, knows he does not stand a chance because he does not have the money or the looks to win her over, for now, he will be content with the moments they share. He feels like he has the upper hand, he owns everything and the other guy might as well be the side dish.

Are you living a Vanessa kind of lifestyle? You know how they say you hate things you cannot understand? Well I cannot understand you! Why so selfish? If you cannot love someone, let them go!! This dude is working his ass off to make you happy, I mean, if he was into fraud or a con man, then I would say you deserve each other. But you don’t deserve Him! I do! I don’t want him, but better people deserve him, and in the spirit of feeling superior, I am better.

Vanessa; users, liars, cheats! Bad girls should get the bad boys. Why don’t they ever seek out each other, that way both parties would be very very happy. You can both play home and away, you can be the striker and winger and defender at the same time on your own pitch! I get very happy when I see couples like that, uncommitted, flocking together and actually fancying themselves to be in love. But they know they lie to each other and they do not care.

Crazy thing is you don’t even deserve Bryan either! Bryan knows he is number 2, but he still loves you and is loyal to you, and feels he can try to fix you. He is not looking for his own bone of bone and flesh of flesh because you are holding him, stringing him along, making him think he might one day be the one.

Are you a male or female? Van or Vanessa? I hate you, and I do not pray for you. I also judge you somewhat. I lied when i said I do not understand. I do, I understand human’s innate need to be selfish, to hoodwink. So I understand you. But I completely judge you.

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