The world is upside down,

No one feels anymore,

We’ve all had those experiences,

The ones that still keep us up at night,

if we are lucky enough not to wet our pillows,

they still make us grit our teeth.

It’s sad.

Who said we cannot find love again?

Why have we stopped trying?

Oh love is full of life, Life is full of love

When you lie down in the arms of that person,

When you can say anything stupid,

without looking the part,

When you can relay your whole 9-5

And have nothing but healthy fights.

It is hard, but always worth it.

It’s funny we tend to think

That it’s all hopeless

That we’ve tried it all.

I won’t deny it hurts,

But, feel the pain,

let it overwhelm you,

let the tears flow down.

But don’t deny it.

Don’t suppress it,

That never helps.



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