Silver, the color of my love for you.

Not red, not fiery, not bloody as you often see.

I may never quite reach that realm,

I may never be capable of red.

It is two-faced and indecisive, not quite there or here!

Lifeless, as most of our conversations are,

Waiting for you to say the word,

Waiting for you to make me yours.

Silver, the color I see

It haunts me everywhere I go, it’s there,

Just there.

Silver, the flow of the tides, fluid.


Silver, the color of my essence, the core,

The definition.

It prospers and flourishes, it’s quite and it ebbs

It’s wealthy and glamorous, loud and boastful!

Sincere, truthful.

Somewhere between night and dark

Just where it needs to be, with you.

Like you, like us.

It will remain graceful, and we will age in this love,

We will remain blissful!

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