Hold me close, don’t let me go

Come into my heart and love me till I’m old.

I know this will never work,

You’re an earthquake, I’m a tornado

We go off in unison!

But this love, it’s too big to let go of.

Whenever I think of you I feel alive

My butterflies and other wild animals run around, growl and stamp their feet.

My juices start running, you make me feel yummy.

But this, it is temporary!

We both know we’ll let go

But this, it’s not ordinary.

So let’s make it last

Well into the night.

Awaken my love, I’ll stroke your ego.

Make me feel like a woman,

Heaven knows I’ve been too strong for too long.

And as you walk out that door as dusk turns to dawn

Don’t forget me,

I’ll light a torch for you,

Call and I’ll be waiting

Time after time.

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