Your ghosts chase you. You run through the thick forest where it’s dark and scary and eerie. You trip, and fall. You find and run into the light. It’s bright and beautiful and the ghosts get blinded. You have the time of your life. You get a break! You meet the ghosts who want to make you forget your journey. They are so kind and help you forget the voices in your head. And you do.

But the ghosts adjust to the light now and laugh at you as you mingle through the new life you live. They laugh out so loud, you hear that familiar taunt. You freeze. You’re afraid, and hope you are wrong, but these ghosts tap you on the shoulder anyway. And as you turn to face them, you begin that slide into darkness once more. You run. You hide. This time, you’re not found! But the weariness of running stay with you for the rest of your life. Because you don’t stop running. Your ghosts may go quiet. Your ghosts may not find you. But you never really live your life to the fullest. Because you are always watching your back. And running.

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