If I can have your love

If I can have your arms wrapped around me.

Those damned eyes… Oh those eyes,

They look like they can scare off terrorists in the east.

When you come close I feel this sudden warmth

I feel myself go cold inside but my skin stays warm

I think it’s that fever they sing about.

If I can have your love

If I can have your heart

If your mouth can sing to me

If your eyes can tell me I’m beautiful

If your lips can show me I’m perfect

Yes your mind can make me ambitious

And your will can drive me into fame.

Whisper to me those sweet words

Sage wisdom from the soul of the wild.

Caress my finite and make it feel like forever

Don’t just tell me,

Show me

If I can get you into my lair just one day.

If I can impress you with my strength.

If we can have one lengthy conversation.

Please don’t leave me gasping,

Don’t leave me gaping,

Please don’t make me breathless for too long,

Please feed me!

Don’t let me die of wanting.

Baby let’s make memories,

Let’s write history.

If I can have your love

Oh, fair one,

I will make you hang on

I promise you will never let go.

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