Fact, people in the abroad are losing jobs and getting pay cuts, 319 people were let go at the finance company, RenMoney. Nigeria isn’t updating its unemployment figures, but you know 10 or 20 people who are currently unemployed. Not because they are pursuing their “passion”, but they’re genuinely in a tight spot. And it is just the beginning. All man will be for himself, there will be few people who will be willing to help, but how many can they reach? Today you may not be unemployed. You can afford to order coldstone and not bat an eyelid. The ability to pretend like the money in your account is not in your account, is not a natural gift, it is a habit that needs to be inculcated.

Fact, even though the lockdown has been lifted, you still need to shop economically and strategically. Not as a hoarder of junk but as a storehouse with supplies. Food will get expensive; money will further lose its value. There are estimates that the pandemic will not end till year end 2020. And it may be well after, if world leaders don’t do more. There is the believable conspiracy that there will be a second wave of the pandemic. There is the scientific fact that if you catch covid-19 once, you can catch it again. Your body does not become immune because you recovered. And chances of surviving the second round becomes very slim. So, why wait to have it? Just because you may be asymptomatic doesn’t mean its not messing with your system, preparing you for a second fatal dose.

Fact, Nigeria will be entering deep economic recession, much like the whole world, but of course Nigeria’s will hit harder. She’s broke, she doesn’t have savings and all her friends are tired of borrowing her money. That’s Nigeria. A little bit of research and you realise fashion and beauty shopping will do you no good right now. You will not be needing that human hair, little black dress, perfume, or extra pair of shoes. Save your money for basic necessities i.e food, and rent.

The truth is, there are many factors that make it hard to be a Nigerian during this period. Electricity, data, transportation, online food shopping accessibility e.t.c. And living within all of these can make hope an impossible task. We resort to gallows humour, blame and shame, and sometimes we give up on fighting to stay alive. We’ve been told not to panic. The churches and mosques have said it; Facebook has said it. But fear is good. Fear keeps you safe, helps you lose weight and temporarily boosts your immune system. Feeling fear- in the right dose – is fun and exciting, gives you a natural high, and a sense of empowerment. Fear helps you manage stress and relaxes you. But above all, Fear keeps you safe.

Because I am Nigerian, and I am a paranoid Nigerian, I can borrow you some of my fear. All you have to do, is be open to accepting some truths. So, check out my other posts on Covid-One-Nine, add your own flair, and hopefully we will be counted among the living when it is all over.

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