Dear Friend,

I won’t ask how you are, I know how. It’s not sunshines and rainbows right now. This morning I had a good cry. It wasn’t the heaving, shoulder shaking one. It was a quiet stream that gently caressed my face. Please realize, nothing is fine. Nothing is fine for anyone right now. All of us, we’re struggling. Our way of lives has changed, everything has changed, and it is still changing. It’s been dubbed, the new normal.

In this new normal, no one is faring well. Not the rich or the poor. Money is no match for a deteriorating mental health. Just like how covid-19 and death, don’t know rich or poor, mental stress doesn’t either. None of us know what will happen tomorrow, and the best economists, sociologists, psychologists, they don’t know the future of this pandemic!

Dont sweat it. You’re not alone. Whenever you feel alone, just find someone, any random human person, and talk to them. You’ll find out they know exactly how you feel, and in that commonality, in that community of thoughts, you can find relief. Don’t let yourself feel alone, don’t let yourself feel down. Don’t feel pressured, and don’t feel bad.

We will all be alright. Eventually. But just like the good times, this is the bad time that won’t last forever. Stay safe, strong and hopeful. Look to the lighthouse inside of you.


2 responses to “LOOK TO THE LIGHTHOUSE”

  1. Really thoughtful of you to put this out.
    I’m sure someone somewhere will read this and find the much needed light to pull through the moment.
    Thanks a lot.

    By the way, an avid reader of your blog here, will you do give away for us? Lol…just kidding.


    • Yes I will be giving away love and light hahaha. Thank you for reading and commenting. I hope you enjoy your extended stay here.


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