We read this story in the bible about a great flood, where Noah was the voice warning stubborn people, and it was just his family that was saved. The Great Flood. The story about rainbows but science actually tells us it is gas, we’ve taken to believe it’s a promise from God not to kill us like that again. Now we don’t have to care or be afraid of all the ice melting, because it is not water that will destroy the earth.

It’s funny how I grew up and I used to think Science was this big conspiracy to thwart the stories in the Bible and everything God did for humanity. How can God almighty create something and you have the audacity to have a scientific explanation for it. Blasphemy!!

After Genesis, there is the book of Revelations. The end. I mean, the book of the end. Where God will finally destroy the earth and devil will take over and torture every fornicator, liar, cheaters, non-church goers, people who owe people money, those living fake lives on Instagram, those that don’t believe in Jesus. All of them, burning for all eternity, even all your friends the Bible commanded that you love without judging (in the hope that they will convert to christianity one day, because if not, BURNNN).

There are questions about life that Science definitely cannot answer. There are questions about life the Bible was vague about. But there is one truth both science and religion agree on; There was a beginning, there will be an end, and before we get to this end, there will be many many things. If history teaches us anything, it’s that humans have a penchant for anticipating End Times.

The bible calls them the “Signs of the End Time”. All preparing us for the coming of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. There will be an antichrist, the one who controls all of earthly power and who will not be glad that Jesus came and is taking some special people with him.

Scientists call it global climate change, locusts, flooding, wars, pandemics, the fight for scarce resources and hunger for world domination. The Sun is still a star. And stars die. So the sun might die, killing us all. Earth’s molten core might cool; Mars – once rich with water and a thick atmosphere – suffered this fate billions of years ago, leading to the nearly airless, seemingly lifeless world we know today. So maybe there were people on Mars like we are on earth but they’re gone. Earth could get shoved into a deadly orbit or a rogue planet could hit Earth. Super-volcanoes every 100,000 years or so. Asteroids could bombard the planet. Earth could pass too close to a wandering black hole. Earth’s atmosphere could be obliterated in a gamma ray burst.

But, just like the second coming of Jesus, we have no control over what will happen to the earth, or when it will happen. Thinking about this can be quite scary, we’re put on this earth, we live, we die, we don’t know when we live or die or when it ends. Cue in religion.

There will be beginning and there will be an end.

Earth isn’t ending in 20 years. It didn’t end at Y2K or when the Mayan calendar predicted collapse of civilisation back in 2012. Earth, as a whole, will be very okay for at least some few billion years. What’s not settled is how humans and the rest of biodiversity on the planet will cope and co-exist in the decades and centuries to come. That part is up to us, and I can only hope we start to highlight Hope in Humanity over Armageddon and fear of the end.

I don’t know what spectrum of life you belong to, religious, spiritual, fighting with religion, scientist, IT, Tech, Atheist, Anti-Christ, whatever, just please, stop burying your head under the sand. We as humans have been “given” this world to live in. This Earth we currently inhabit. Each other. Whether it was a chicken that shat the golden earth goose, or a big bang that exploded, Zeus made us from clay, or God created the heaven and the earth. Humans have a short span to spend on earth. You still have a role to play to make sure that you leave the earth, if not better, but at least how you found it. And I am not talking about your social impact and reading books and fighting for how black lives matter alone. Care for the earth, the air, the water and all the seemingly little things, don’t let the anger and the bitterness get to you. The bible makes it easy for you to blame your actions on many things except yourself, pointing fingers and saying you’re only a victim of the evil world the devil is spoiling, but you need to take charge of your life and prove to Yahweh that you understand the Bible on a deeper level that makes you less of a bigot or a sheep.

Play your own part for the environment. Live your life in a way that makes you sleep a little bit better at night. Stop blaming the world and the government for all your woes. Just do your flipping part. It is hard being the only one that cares about something  when it feels like others do not. I get that. Someone recently told me, if I focus on me, I become a better person, I can control my life, and bit by bit I control the thinking of people around me just by being whole and healed. How is doing what everyone else is doing making you a better person? How is living by a moral code that keeps shifting helping your mentality? Don’t be afraid to stand out and stand up for a cause you believe. You may be the only one standing, but at least, you’re, out-standing haha! Xx.

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