Did you know you’re beautiful? Your soul. Your soul is beautiful. Do you just sit and randomly thank yourself for how you live your life? Do it now. “Dear me, I thank you for bringing me this far. I thank you for supporting me. Through everything life has thrown at me, and you, you’ve done your best to protect us. You are beautiful me, and I appreciate you”. 

Did you know you’re a warrior. You fight battles daily no one even knows. You conquer addictions and try new habits, you use “No” when you should and say “Yes” to everything good. You call your friends and be there for them, you call your friends and let them help you. You wake up every morning and find the motivation to live and keep going. You, only you do all of that. And you’re a victor too.

For everyday you’re above ground, don’t forget you’re awesome! You’re not where you want to be but you’re here, now, in the present. Soak up this moment, let yourself enjoy life and every little thing it brings. It gets better when you think it gets better.

Have a great week ahead! Xx. 

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