Did you know if you don’t have the will and the drive to make your life better, nobody will hand it to you? Life will keep going by and by and you realise you’re still struggling with the same demons, day in year out.

The first thing you need it Will, above all else. Determination to stop this nonsense. The strong grit to survive against all odds. To conquer. To win. You’re not winning life though. You’re winning yourself. For many years you’ve heard about how you’re fighting this monster called life haven’t you? It’s a lie. The hardest thing to conquer is your own self. Your mind. That dark gift you’ve been blessed with. For every time you don’t feel like fighting, take yourself out of your funk by wearing another skin and letting the second you do the fight. Basically it’s okay to be tired. To want to be in a huddle and cry. By all means, have a good cry. Stay on that couch and watch netflix till your brain and feelings are numb. But by all means get the heck up, put that sadness in a box for later, and kick ass. Once again, whether you kick ass or not, it is up to you. If you keep struggling and falling behind, you’ll only feel the emotions of struggling and falling. If you keep fighting, you only feel victory and fulfilment.

And for everyday you struggle and it was hard, that’s okay too. When you’re about to fall into the funk, see the funk as a reward for your hard work, not as a resting place for weariness. It’s like this.

"I have stood up to my annoying colleague today. Despite not being in the mood I finished my work and even gave the company some extra 3 hours overtime for free. Now I'm exhausted. I want to be sad. So I will reward myself with 10 minutes of sad time and then get up and clean my room, lay my bed, make myself dinner, and watch a funny movie. Maybe I'll wake up early and go for a run, then hang out with positive vibe friends after work".

It’s different from ” I will lay down here and cry because life is hard and I hate everything and everyone”.

Have a time limit for your sadness, follow through, and keep the sadness in that timeframe. Then take steps to make sure the sadness goes away forever. Actual active steps. Stop following that page that only talks about how depression is hard. Give yourself some space from the group of friends where all you do is cry. Surround yourself only with things that’ll improve your mood. Get up, hit the gym or the pavements, just do something!

Be determined to stop feeling sorry for yourself, to stop thriving on sympathy, to stop playing the victim of life but instead a victor at life.

This new week, you can do it. You can do better than last week. Stay on top of yourself, and be great! Xx.

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