Hi there! Welcome to my blog.

I’m Hephzibah, a researcher and creative communicator with a knack for and years of experience in transforming ideas into workable solutions for people and businesses. 

Being a multipotentialite means I find myself (both intentionally and by happy accidents) spending different parts of my daily life: penning down thoughts on topics relating to lifestyle and mental health through my blog, practicing photography or crafting art pieces for recreation or commercial use. Sometimes I’m piecing sauces together for my cloud kitchen startup; or doing some research and consulting work for clients of my public policy and development gig.

I generally have a non-standard approach to life and living, I therefore long ago vied off the expected norm of practicing as an International Lawyer or Diplomat being what I studied for my Masters degree. My tireless seeking for knowledge has however led me on a path that’s seen me evolve to having these 3 main life values: self-awareness, empathy and creative nonconformity.

My school of thought is reliant on schooling my thoughts! This has helped me a lot in my path to being a pretty awesome budding entrepreneur, building start ups and having multiple creative outlets. As a way of life, I thoroughly look out for and regularly gravitate towards human interactions or economic activities that help me to ensure a good time while doing what I love, and boy, I do love what I do!

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