Hey people! Another weekend is almost upon us; do we want to waste it? I sure hope not. If you’re seeing this, man, woman, as long as you’re born from Queens, you deserve a treat this weekend. Now if you know me, really, know, me, you know life hacks are my policy. I have too many saved life hack videos, too many low budget behaviours, and I thought to share with you all, because, WHY NOT enjoy like I like to!

I’ve compiled 5 tips for self pampering that cost a little bit of a thing, to nothing. Follow these steps and be blessed!

1. Hair Deep Conditioning

You don’t need that Shea Moisture product you see on that aisle, trust me. You need Avocados, Banana, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Honey, Egg, Coconut oil, Vinegar, Yoghurt. Not ALL AT ONCE obviously, but whichever you have, there’s no hard and fast rule. Just mix it together and throw it on, depending on your “smell buds”. I find the smell of honey too sweet for my nose sometimes so I wouldn’t throw that in. But coconut oil? DIVINE! Lather on that hair mask, let the smell carry you to the coast of Hawaii, and when it’s all done, run your hands through your hair, feel that softness, and you’ll know you’ve made it in life!

2. Full Body Scrub

See, ignore all those Spa sponsored Ads they want to use to injure your phone. The annoying thing is, the more you click or interact with any, the 100 more ads you get! Look away! Come off it! If you can, pick up any scrub within your budget at the beauty store or supermarket. If you can’t, some coconut oil and sugar will do! Throw coconut oil, brown sugar, or any other essential oil you love, into a food processor. No food processor? Mix with your hands till smooth. I’ve never tried a blender but I imagine it might have the same effect. VOILA! The trick is, take a warm shower to prep your body for exfoliating, and scrub every nook and cranny as gently as you like. The second best part for a body scrub for me is how soft and smooth I feel after. Like a baby. Like my husband just sent me to Milan and I just got back from the airstrip. (Husband sending me is important because sponsored pampering hits different. JK). If you’re a man and you’ve never had a full body scrub, I feel sorry for you.

3. Yoga

If you want to try some yoga or stretches, go for it. Why am I even saying it like it’s optional! IT IS NOT! You see that thing they do for you in massage where they bring out all the tension in your body? Yoga does that! And so much more. If you don’t want to do the full haul, then some stretches work too. Straighten the kinks in your neck with a few twists and bends, here and there. This is not work out (If you’re one of those that work out is a taboo for). Take your time, you can use online resources for the best poses for your body. That lower back pain bothering you all week? There’s a move for it! Comment below if you want me to do a blog about which poses work best for which part of the body.

4. Meditation

When you’re done, time to get yourself in a comfortable position and travel. Sitting works great. I don’t like the cross-legged position; my thighs aren’t stretched enough to hold the pose for long. My fav? Sava Sana pose; lying on the back with the body fully relaxed, arms by your side. Don’t sleep off. And if you do, your body probably needs that sleep, so SLEEP! If you don’t want to sleep, try the seated position.

5. Read a book in your fav spot of the house

Any book you’ve been trying to read and not had time for? Well read it now. Find your fav spot, could be under the sheets, in a chair, on the rug, and let the book take you away. A likkle wine won’t hurt. Or tea. I don’t know why people don’t drink more wine and tea in this life, those things are the most relaxing drinks I can ever put in my body!

Freebie: Netflix and Chill with bowl of Peppersoup from Hephie’s Kitchen

This is quite obvious. You can never go wrong with a movie. After deep conditioning your body and soul, pick a good movie, maybe a feel good movie and enjoy. During the weekends I like coming of age movies, comedy, romance, just something I wont use my brain to solve too many puzzles. Biko I didn’t work hard all week to come and work hard again all weekend! Modern family, Community, How I met your mother, F is for Family, South Park, I can watch the episodes 200 times.

Extra Tip: Miniso sells these facemasks that are affordable and effective. Just that feeling of putting it on your face alone ughhhhhh!! Don’t dull.

These are the 5 steps I, Hephzibah, go through. What are your low-to-no budget ways to pamper yourself at home? Comment below please. Remember, it’s important to rest as hard as you work, and if you don’t pamper yourself, really, WHO WILL!

Oh, don’t forget to hydrate! Bye!

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